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About Me


Hello there, Coach Leonila here, MBA, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Nutrition Coach. Are you here because you are tired of following diet plans or programs that are difficult to maintain and end up leaving you feeling more confused, depressed or both? I cannot imagine how you might feel, or how many diets or meal plans you may have tried and or failed. Often times individuals feel frustrated and defeated from everything that they have tried because those programs were not designed for their specific needs.

Well, you have come to the right place! I am proud of you for taking this first step to truly change your health, and would be honored to help you. Let’s achieve your health goals together! I’ll guide you through my program that wlil be designed specifically for your needs and goals! If you’d like to learn more please fill out my application below, so I can see if you would be a great fit for my program.



Leonila is an amazing nutritionist that cares about her clients/patients. She asks you a lot of questions to make sure she is providing the best nutritional plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. She’s caring and really passionate about what she does. Thank you, Leo for all the support you have been giving me since I gave birth. You’re truly amazing!

Carol K.

I would recommend Leo for anyone who is looking for long-term changes that work. Leo will definitely help you lose weight, and maintain a lifestyle that works! She is understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. Best investment I have made!

Alex L.

I had trouble with weight loss for years, and was fortunate to find Leonila. Her program isn’t just a quick fix. It’s an actual nutritional life plan that is designed specifically for your body, needs, and lifestyle. She’s helped me lose weight, gain confidence, and learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle that has done more for me than any diet plan I’ve ever tried before.

Quinn E.